Aluminum Pallet


AL PALLET is an improved aluminum pallet.  With a low weight, but a capacity comparable to similar wood pallets and a price point significantly lower than existing aluminum pallets, this technology was designed to compete directly with wood pallets, the overwhelming market leader.  AL Pallet is especially suitable for the one-way air logistics market and in “closed-loop” systems.  The patented design is based on its unique structurally qualities that combine a “prominence and depression” deck form with an “inner cap system” for the posts.  These elements contribute to the pallets’ light weight and high strength that in turn reduce shipping costs, damage to cargo, and allows repeated use if desired.

The IC2 Institute of The University of Texas –Global Commercialization Group has worked with selected scientists and engineers to vet technologies worth commercializing on a global scale. The University of Texas’ faculty, staff and selected experts examined numerous technologies as part of this program with Governor Kim in Korea.
Amongst many “high-tech” entries around the world was the AL Pallet that turned out to be an unexpected winner. AL Pallet Company’s structural experts designed a patented, very lightweight pallet with high structural integrity. Most aluminum pallets are three to four times heavier than this pallet. Since aluminum is the major cost component, 3x to 4x more weight constitutes 3x to 4x more aluminum.

The AL Pallet is designed to compete directly against the wooden pallet, a trusted and proven technology that accounts for 93% of the global pallet market.  As compared to wood, the aluminum pallet offers the following advantages; it is fireproof, does not require heat treatment or fumigation to comply with international shipping standards, lighter weight, cleaner and safer to handle. 

The technology addresses several properties of current device flaws and improving technology:
  • High strength to weight ratio.
  • Much lower cost than existing aluminum pallets.
  • Conforms to U.S., E.U. and international shipping standards.
  • Higher percentage of repair than pallets made of other materials.
  • End of life units have market scrap value.
  • Technology can be used to produce pallets of practically any size and specification.


  • capacity comparable to similar wood pallets
  • suitable for the one-way air logistics market
  • high strength to weight ratio
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