Analog to Relay Limit Alarm Modules


FC-series analog to relay limit alarm modules are field configurable for a variety of alarm and control applications. Modules are available with two or four SPDT relay outputs, can be powered by 24VAC or 24VDC and accept input signals of 0-15V, 0-30V, or 0-20mA. Configuration and trip/release point programming is accomplished with DIP Switches, and a single programming pushbutton. LED’s provide indication of operating status and are used during the trip/release point programming. Modules can be 35mm DIN rail or side mounted. Also available are replacement terminal blocks in packages of 5 and 14.



  • field configurable for variety of alarm & control applications
  • 2 or 4 SPDT relay outputs
  • can be powered by 24 v ac or dc
  • accepts input signals of: 0-15 v, 0-30 v or 0-20 ma
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