ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System


An Industry 4.0 factory wide integration, ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS) is a solution for considering the factory as a single machine; AIMS streamlines the entire tool manufacturing process and complementary technologies. The main modules of the AIMS system include an AutoSet job preparation station, AutoLine for pallet and tool transfer, and AutoFetch, a robot responsible for material transfer between processes. AIMS is an ecosystem of interconnected building blocks which can be configured to satisfy individual requirements.


AIMS maximizes grinders’ productivity and, in general, improves Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Integration with ERP systems to streamline workflows is also one of the important AIMS features.


The principles of the AIMS system are flexibility and modularity. This means each system can be tailored to an individual users’ needs using the right building blocks. It can scale from a purely software-based monitoring solution to a fully automated manufacturing cell.


  • Reduce production costs
  • Tackle your labor challenges
  • Integrated systems to manage production and data


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