Angle Heads Catalog


A 28-page catalog details the comprehensive line of angle heads for the machine tool industry.


Heimatec angle heads are made from high-tensile strength aluminum, with high-precision spindle bearings to maintain the maximum concentricity possible. All the gears on Heimatec angle heads are made from wear-resistant gear steel and are specially hardened, ground and lapped in sets to provide the smoothest transmission output.


Applications for angle heads run the gamut from milling to drilling and tapping, especially when tight and compound angles or deep recesses are involved, presenting significant torque challenges to the busy shop or production department set-up team and operators.


Torque ratings on Heimatec angle heads run up to 150 Nm, with up to 1:4 gear ratios and spindle speeds to 24,000 available as standard. 360-deg. body rotation and interchangeable torque arms are also standard. Heimatec angle heads are compatible with most automatic toolchangers on the market today.


Standard models are offered in CAT, BT, HSK and SK styles, with an arrestor ring to lock the tool taper drive, scale ring to align the working angle and stop block for locking and preventing the rotation of the angle head in use. Custom blocks can be manufactured to particular customer machine specifications.


The catalog is fully illustrated and provides all specifications on the standard heads. Numerous custom designs for application-specific use are included to demonstrate the adaptability of Heimatec engineering, in solving customer challenges.

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