Angle Wrench Is Eight Tools in One


Ingersoll Rand announces the launch of the newest entry into their QX™ Series of assembly tools—the QX Series Angle Wrench. The QX Series Angle Wrench is a cordless right-angle fastening tool created specifically for operators in the industrial and assembly markets, from motor vehicle and white goods to aerospace and heavy equipment. “Facilities demand efficiency in order to keep their lines running smoothly,” said Andrew Bardsley, Ingersoll Rand’s power tools global assembly leader. “That’s why we designed the QX Angle Wrench to be efficient in every way. Its right angle design is more comfortable for the operator. It delivers precise torque and traceable results ensuring accuracy and minimizing rework. Plus, its multi-function display allows up to eight individual configurations for speed, angle and torque, eliminating the need for separate tools for each requirement. It’s truly eight tools in one.” 

The Technology of the QX Series Angle Wrench 

The QX Series Angle Wrench is built with Ingersoll Rand’s patented closed-loop transducer control at the heart of the tool, delivering precise torque and accurate, traceable results. The multi-function display is the interface for programming multiple torque, speed and angle configurations—saving time and eliminating the need for additional tools. The QX Series Angle Wrench is ergonomically balanced and lightweight, reducing fatigue by making it easier for the operator to maneuver. The QX Series Angle Wrench features a wireless communication option that integrates the tool and the assembly line into a true plant-wide network with managed data, process control and the ability to adjust tool configurations in real time. Like all QX Series tools, all wireless communications are driven by Ingersoll Rand’s dedicated Process Control Module (PCM). The PCM allows connectivity to up to 10 tools per module. This not only gives operators control of their tool but facilities overall control of their line and the valuable fastening data it produces.


  • right angle design
  • delivers precise torque
  • traceable results
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