Angular and Parallel Gripper in One Unit


The angular parallel gripper (GAP) combines two basic principles of gripping. Depending on the design, the gripper has an opening angle between 30° and 180°. The parallel movement has high precision and a strong gripping force between 80 and 340 N on the last few millimeters. Workpieces with an overhang or interfering contours can be easily gripped. In contrast to conventional angular grippers, the gripping center is always maintained, and parts with various diameters can be handled and centered precisely. 

The worldwide unique standardized angular parallel gripper is more compact, has strong guidances, and can be closely monitored with magnetic sensors. In order to shorten the cycle times, the gripper is equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers. It can be easily monitored without any additional interfering contours. The GAP is integrated into the modular system for modular assembly automation, by which systems for high-performance automation can be quickly and easily configured. It is suitable for handling the assembly of small components, particularly for the plastic, electrical, and pharmaceutical industries.


  • strong gripping force
  • parts with various diameters can be handled 
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