ANSI Z535 Safety Signs


Brady announces its new ANSI Z-535 safety signs. Over 300 stock signs are available in Brady’s top selling messages, including personal protective equipment (PPE), lockout tagout, hazardous materials, confined space and more. Custom signs are also available to meet unique message, artwork and size specifications. Under OSHA’s November 2013 update, users can now use either the latest American National Standard Institute (ANSI) standard from 2011 (ANSI Z535.1, Z535.2 & Z535.5) or the previous standard from 1967-1968.

The ANSI Z535 signs allow for clearer messages with a descriptive header, a legend containing the hazard and a visual pictogram to help convey the safety message. “The latest ANSI sign format helps eliminate communication barriers through the use of explanatory pictograms and clear hazard explanations,” says Tom Smith, product marketing specialist for Brady. “With signs that are easier to understand at a glance, employees are able to identify safety hazards and respond accordingly to help improve workplace safety and compliance.”


  • over 300 stock signs are available
  • easier to understand at a glance

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