ANT-LX Miniature, Direct Drive, Linear Translation Stage


Aerotech’s Nanotranslation Crossed-Roller (ANT-LX) stages incorporate direct-drive technology to offer the robust, accurate, and high-speed positioning necessary for mass production of precision devices. ANT-LX performance includes 2 nm linear resolution, ±0.3 µm accuracy, ±0.05 µm repeatability, 5 g acceleration, 500 mm/s velocity, a maximum load up to 8 kg, and a standardized, universal base-mounting pattern that allows the use of this flexible stage family in a wide range of configurations. Noncontact Direct-Drive ANT-LX stages utilize Aerotech’s advanced direct-drive technology to achieve the highest level of positioning performance. Aerotech’s direct-drive technology is non-cogging, noncontact, high-speed, high-resolution, and high-accuracy, and the use of crossed-roller bearing elements allows high precision, small incremental moves to be accomplished reliably and repeatably. This compact linear stage is 90 mm wide by 33 mm high by 102 mm long for the 25 mm travel version and 144 mm long for the 50 mm travel version. This extremely small footprint offers distinct advantages in fiber optics, photonics, MEMS, scanning, and any applications that require ultra-smooth, high precision motion in limited space. Flexible System Design The universal mounting and tabletop patterns allow for easy integration of two, three, or more axes. Both 25 mm and 50 mm travel versions can be integrated without the need for interface plates, preserving low profile system designs. The ANT-LX may be combined with other ANT series stages (vertical lift, rotary, goniometer) to create a complete multi-axis motion platform. System Characteristics Outstanding accuracy, position repeatability, and in-position stability require high system resolution. The ANT-LX stage’s industry-leading 2 nm closed-loop resolution provides this high level of performance. Advanced, real-time axis calibration systems allow the highest level of system accuracy. High-speed, 40 MHz electronic circuitry enables extremely fast positioning, over 500 mm per second, even at 2 nanometer resolution. Excellent in-position stability, assisted by high-quality, no-creep linear bearings, enables virtually maintenance-free operation over the life of the product. Aerotech’s direct-drive technology has no hysteresis or backlash, enabling accurate and repeatable nanometer-scale motion.


• Total Travel - 50 mm (2 in) • Continuous Current - up to 2.9 A • Force Constant, Sinusoidal Drive - 3.29 (0.74) • Resistance, 25°C, line-line - 5.2 • Resistance, 125°C, line-line - 7.28 • Nominal Stage Weight - 1.2 kg (2.7 lb) • Moving Mass - 0.52 kg (1.1 lb)
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