Anti-Fatigue Matting System Made From 100% Recycled Materials


Superior Manufacturing Group (SMG) announces that the Diamond Flex-Lok™ highperformance
matting system is now manufactured with 100% recycled materials. Diamond Flex-Lok™ joins several
other PVC based products in the new NoTrax® Recycled program, which offers high-end performance and durability in a
more environmentally friendly product line.
“Our goal was to develop a line of products that offers the same high quality, comfort, and performance our customers
have come to expect, while lessening the negative impact on the environment,” states Vincent DePhillips, President,
Superior Manufacturing Group. “Diamond Flex-Lok™ was engineered specifically to fit this role; it is easily the most
comfortable mat of its kind available today.”
Made from a tough 100% recycled PVC compound, Diamond Flex-Lok™ offers the highest resistance to industrial
chemicals, oils and greases. Large-hole perforations allow for easy drainage and removal of debris without clogging and
sorbent pads can even be placed underneath the mat for extremely wet applications. A pronounced raised diamond
pattern enhances slip resistance and beveled ramps are available to eliminate trip hazards and allow for easier access on
and off the surface of the mat.
Diamond Flex-Lok™ is a modular matting system that can easily accommodate on-site custom configurations. A
permanent interlock system ensures that the mat will not come apart and eliminates the use of potentially harmful
adhesives. The ergonomic properties of Diamond Flex-Lok™ are the result of a multi-tiered footing design that elevates
the mat off the floor, creating air pockets that allow the mat to actually flex with the weight of the worker. The interlocking
system is symmetrically designed to allow workers’ weight to be equally dispersed at all points on the mat, further
enhancing the ergonomic benefits.
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