Anybus® RemoteCom™ Simplifies Remote Device Management and Control


With Anybus RemoteCom, HMS Industrial Networks introduces a new product family for remote management and control of automation devices. Anybus RemoteCom is equipped with a powerful internal web server for remote access of device data including logged data and trend graphs. The integrated alarm and status handler automatically notifies remote supervisors via SMS or e-mail or SNMP if pre-defined events are triggered. Typical applications include remote management and supervision of factory and process automation devices, power generation equipment, as well as heating and ventilation systems in building automation.

As an additional service, a secure central web server expands the functionality of Anybus RemoteCom. The central server collects and stores logged data in one central location. Storing the data centrally makes it easier to browse through the data from several devices without the need to establish an individual remote connection for each.

Anybus RemoteCom connects locally to any automation device that is equipped with a standard serial Modbus-RTU interface or an Ethernet Modbus-TCP interface. It features RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports. The remote connection is made through the Internet/Intranet via the integrated Ethernet interface. Alternatively, an optional GSM/GPRS network interface can also be used. The RemoteCom can also be connected to an external GPS receiver for geo-tracking of mobile equipment.  The device is set up through the built-in web interface that can be easily accessed from any standard web browser with no additional software licenses.

Anybus RemoteCom devices are available in a DIN-rail mountable IP20 rated plastic housing or in a rugged metal housing. They have a wide-range power input of 9-28 VDC.

Anybus RemoteCom simplifies remote supervisory and control of automation devices.  By analyzing data made available by the RemoteCom, it is possible to minimize downtime, do predictive maintenance, monitor system performance, and reduce the cost of service personnel and travel expenses.   

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