Apex Air Sampling Pumps Upgraded for Safe Use in Hazardous Industrial Locations


Casella USA has expanded its Apex line of personal air sampling pumps to feature two intrinsically safe versions, the Apex Standard I.S. and the Apex Pro I.S. Fully compliant to ATEX 100 (94/9/EC) and UL 913 ANSI standards, the approved versions allow occupational hygienists and specialists to undertake personal and area sampling for dusts, fumes, gases and vapors in hazardous, classified areas where potentially explosive atmospheres may be present.

When used with a low-flow adapter assembly the pumps have flow rates between 5 and 200 ml/min. A sample of air is drawn through sampling tubes which absorb any solvents or vapors present. The tubes are then sent to a laboratory for chemical analysis. Data from the pumps is easily downloaded directly to a PC with a cable-free IR interface. Casella's versatile Pump Manager™ software conveniently stores sample data for audits and record keeping purposes.
Apex I.S. pumps employ digital control technology giving exceptional long-term flow stability with an accuracy rate of less than ±3% of set-point. A large LCD displays real-time flow rate, volume sampled, temperature and true flow parameters. The Apex Pro programmable version can be configured via software with scheduled on/off sampling regimes allowing the unit to be left on-site to automatically sample when required.
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