App Provides Cross Channel Phase Analysis


X-Phase,  compatible with either GTI's 3 port, 2-channel DAQ box for wired accelerometers or with the GTI-220 wireless sensor, enables cross channel phase analysis on the iPad. Users can download from the App Store and start using it immediately.

Features include the ability to record the vibration amplitude and cross-phase values for each measurement,  analyze 2-channel real-time vibration spectrums, and share reports via email or printer. Reports feature machine information, GPS location, asset picture and vibration data.


  • Record the vibration amplitude and cross-phase values for each measurement
  • 2-channel real-time vibration spectrums
  • Complete PDF report
  • Available on the App Store for $89
  • Packages that include an industrial case, iPad, 2 accelerometers and X-Phase are available from GTI Predictive
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