Arc Armor™ Titanium Series™ Welding Helmets


Miller Electric Mfg. Co. today introduced its line of Arc Armor™ Titanium Series™ welding helmets, designed for industrial protection, performance and comfort. The Titanium Series is built upon a shell design that is lightweight for extended wear, provides excellent skin coverage, reflects radiant heat and features a quick-release front cover lens to reduce welder downtime.
Featuring Miller’s top-performing lenses and an exclusive aluminum heat shield secured within a durable shock-absorbing gasket, the Titanium Series is made to withstand the rugged abuse commonly associated with industrial welding. Helmet options include:
•    Titanium 1600?features a large, 16-sq.-in. shade #10 passive lens.

•    Titanium 7300?features a 7.22-sq.-in. viewing area, three independent arc sensors that respond in 1/20,000 of a second, auto-on/auto-off and grind mode. (Grind mode allows the helmet to be used as a protective shield by preventing the lens from darkening while grinding). Other important features include shades #8-13, sensitivity and delay control, and excellent low-amperage TIG (5 amps) performance. 

•    Titanium 9400?features a large 9.22-sq-in. viewing area, four independent arc sensors that respond in 1/20,000 of a second, and excellent low-amp (5 amps) TIG performance. Battery powered with solar assist for long life (up to 3,000 hours), the Titanium 9400 features auto-on/auto-off, grind mode, adjustable sensitivity, delay and shade (shades #8-13). Weighing just 20 oz., the Titanium 9400 helmet is lightweight and comfortable.

•    Titanium 9400i?similar to the 9400, the 9400i features a 9.22-sq.-in. viewing area and four sensors, but with the addition of an integrated grinding shield. The 9400i’s auto-darkening lens flips up to expose an ANSI approved grinding shield with an almost 180-degree field of view. This provides the welder a better view of the weld cell, improving safety and productivity by allowing the welder to switch between welding and grinding without removing the helmet.

All three Titanium auto-darkening models (9400, 9400i and 7300) feature Auto-On/Auto-Off, grind mode, independent arc sensors, excellent low-amperage TIG performance (5 amps), magnifying lens holder and meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 (High Impact) standards.

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