Arc Studs & JIS Weld Nuts for Automotve, Metalworking and More


Arc Studs create strong, permanent bonds and JIS Weld Nuts provide for rapid welding, and are supplied to the automotive, appliance, food equipment, metalworking, medical and furniture industries.

Arc stud welding allows for nearly any size or type of weld stud to be welded. Arc Studs are manufactured using material conducive to support the welding process and are designed with a flux loaded tip, which allows materials to coalesce resulting in a permanent bond stronger than the stud itself. Arc stud welding is applicable to mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

The JIS weld nut series is a non-piloted square nut with four uniform projections. The JIS weld nut is easily applied for rapid welding by a locator pin in the electrode. Typically, these parts are used in automotive applications.


  • Arc stud: applicable to mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • JIS weld nut: automotive applications
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