ArcGuard Lift Front Arc Flash Hoods


ArcGuard Lift Front Arc Flash Hoods feature the latest arc flash industry innovations in one superior product. The lift front arc flash face shields were designed to solve the common problems of poor ventilation and overheating that often came with traditional hood designs. The lift-front design allows the wearer to easily obtain fresh air when out of the hazard risk zone by simply lifting a latch. The easy-to-raise window provides fresh air without having to remove the entire hood. Before returning to the hazard risk zone, the wearer can quickly regain compliance by securing the shield back to the lowered and locked position. The latch makes an audible click to alert the wearer that the shield is safely secured.


When the shield is down and the wearer is at work, the lift front hood features specially designed indirect vents. With built in vents at the front, sides and top, ArcGuard Lift Front Arc Flash Hoods deliver more ventilation than similar products on the market. These vents also serve as auditory ports for improved 2-way communication, even when the window is secured.


Reminiscent of motorcycle helmets, the curved shield was formulated to reduce interior reflections and optimize the field of view. The highly transparent PureView faceshield offers increased visibility and color recognition, regardless of lighting conditions. A transparent chin protector increases the field of vision further, which allows the wearer a clear downward view of their work and surroundings. A premium anti-fog coating ensures visibility is maintained in varying temperatures. Additionally, a durable scratch-resistant coating on the inside and outside of the shield creates a resilient finish and increased product longevity.


The modernized hood silhouette was designed to maintain wearer comfort without sacrificing protection. Contoured and streamlined, the ArcGuard lift front arc flash hood provides the same amount of protection with far less material. OPF carbon-based knit gussets at the shoulder offer coverage that stretches, keeping the hood lightweight and ergonomic.


The comfort and ease of use found in the ArcGuard Lift Front hoods affords the wearer a convenient PPE solution that encourages compliance. The Lift Front design is currently available in two 40 cal options: ArcGuard Compliance made with Westex UltraSoft, the perfect upgrade to your classic arc flash suit. For a premium solution, the ArcGuard RevoLite is made from lightweight inherently flame resistant material that is 50% lighter than traditional 40 cal options.

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