Area Color Inspection System


For high-resolution quality inspection and accurate color measurement of marked text and symbols, the Area Color Inspection System (ACIS) can be used in a lab or on the production line. It enables electronic product manufacturers to improve quality while increasing efficiency. Users can perform fast, automated measurement of text and symbol shape (inclusions and exclusions), dimensions, color, and contrast. ACIS helps manufacturers to ensure characters are legible and correctly formed, verify compliance with requirements for CE and other regulatory markings, ensure brand color and quality standards, perform product text validation, and support part traceability.


The ACIS solution integrates a ProMetric I-series Imaging Colorimeter with a proprietary illumination configuration mounted in a metal framework. Completing the solution is ACIS software, which combines high-resolution imaging colorimetry measurement with sophisticated image analysis for accurate quality and color measurement.


  • High-resolution, accurate color measurement with nearspectrometer accuracy
  • Process and quality control for laser and similar markings
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