Area Monitoring Gas Detector



Redefining area monitoring to offer new levels of protection, increasing awareness, and creating even safer worksites, the ALTAIR io360 Gas Detector connects worksites of any size while offering the simple usability of a smart-home product. Monitor the network on-site with a mobile app, or remotely monitor multiple sites anywhere in the world with the Safety io Grid, giving you the data needed to take action and confidently create safer sites.


Four-gas detection and ultra-long battery life of 60 days, the ALTAIR io360 is powered by MSA's XCell sensors, providing workers with the best-in-class performance of the fast-responding, long-lasting, dependable sensor technology.


Weighing only 1.6 lb., the ALTAIR io360 can be placed wherever a gas hazard might occur, quickly mounted with a 50-lb force magnet or hung from a built-in D-ring. It is constructed with a compact portable design that can withstand environmental extremes and a 10 ft drop.

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