ARL iSpark 8860 Inclusion Analyzer


The ARL iSpark 8860 Inclusion Analyzer with Spark-DAT has all the features necessary for thorough elemental analysis of steel and ultra-fast inclusion analysis. It can help to keep the lowest inclusion content of steel products at the point of manufacture to prevent costly production issues. Inclusion data is obtained at the same time as the elemental concentrations. It's possible to evaluate inclusions in all the samples analyzed in concentration with the OES spectrometer, up to several hundred samples per day.


The analyzer is the first optical emission spectrometer on the market to combine full elemental coverage with rapid characterization of non-metallic inclusions in a single analysis. It can identify and determine features such as the type, number, size, concentration, and volume fraction of inclusions, allowing steel manufacturers to control inclusion content in steel products in real time.




  • Generate advanced elemental concentrations and inclusion data in steel
  • 3 ft (1 m) vacuum Paschen-Runge optics with photomultiplier tube (PMT) detectors
  • Full elemental coverage, including gas elements
  • Ultra-fast inclusion analysis
  • Comprehensive inclusion analysis software tools, including Spark Explorer, Inclusions Report, and Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Ability to determine inclusion type, number, size, concentration, volume fraction, and more
  • Inclusion analysis method customization and training with Thermo Fisher Scientific experts
  • Automated with the ARL Sample Manipulation System (SMS)
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