Asset Tracking in the Warehouse


Zebra MotionWorks Warehouse is a near real-time warehouse asset tracking system optimized for handling large volumes of assets at the rapid pace required by today’s warehouse operations. It provides immediate ROI by allowing you to see exactly where critical assets are—whether they're stationary or in motion—automate transactions, streamline workflows, reduce labor, and improve accuracy.


Using directed worker instructions, the solution allows organizations to handle increased volumes efficiently while maintaining current staffing levels. This eliminates steps in workflows, letting you increase the number of goods and assets processed, reduces the time your workers spend looking for missing assets, and provides real-time alerts to prevent errors.


Automation of processes and real-time alerts ensure goods make it to the right place at the right time, without errors. Zebra MotionWorks Warehouse creates a digitized manifest of product as it’s loaded into trailers, providing an auditable chain of custody and eliminating mis-shipments.


Tracking finished goods from manufacturing to shipping is often a complex and manual process. With Zebra MotionWorks Warehouse, finished goods are tagged and electronically scanned into the system of record, and the delivery instructions can be automatically sent to workers, eliminating steps in the workflow. This reduces the time needed to collate goods assigned to an order and provides an auditable record of events and electronic manifest to confirm all goods are sent to the right place.

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