AtomikAir Industrial Air Purifier


The AtomikAir is an industrial air purifier built for demanding, large-volume warehouse environments. It is able to process 1 million cu ft of air per hour, capturing particles as small as 0.00001 in. (0.3 μm). The system features a MERV 13 air filter rating, washable/reusable filters to capture suspended particles, allergens, and pollutants, and can reduce heating and cleaning costs as an effective way to destratify stagnant air.


The air quality control system cleans a great volume of air for light manufacturing and warehouse environments. It stabilizes temperatures even when doors are opening and closing. With a deflector in place, it can direct clean, cooling air into the workplace during the summer. It is also quiet running, sits on locking casters, and draws only 4.8 amps.


  • Size: 56 x 56 x 86.5 in. (1,422 x 1,422 x 2,197 mm)
  • Weight: 950 lb. (431 kg)
  • Sound level: 67 dB
  • Delivered air flow: 15,500 CFM

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Anonymous, Operations, Production and Plant Management
Great option for busy environments. Massive filtration capacity, with fans and motor large enough create airflow in static air spaces. Very impressed.