Attic Fan Transforms Any Passive Roof Vent into an Eco-Friendly Solar-Powered Vent


Solatube International Inc. has announced the introduction of the new Solar Star(R) Conversion Kit. The kit boosts the performance of existing passive attic vents and transforms noisy and energy consuming powered vents into quiet and highly-efficient solar-powered rooftop ventilators. Since the Solar Star Conversion Kit is "run by the sun," there is no electrical hook-up or electrician required and no cost to operate.

It is well documented that a poorly ventilated attic can increase heating and cooling costs, contribute to problems with dangerous mold and accelerate the deterioration of critical roof structures. Many buildings today have insufficient ventilation and air exchange paths, and air flowing through the structure generally accumulates in the attic. While many buildings have passive vents installed in the roof or attic, most are ineffective in generating enough air movement to expel potentially damaging heat and moisture that has built up.

Solatube International has developed an ideal solution for maintaining critical attic circulation. The Solar Star Conversion Kit prevents attic heat from building up in the summer and helps eliminate condensation in the winter. The kit is ideal for converting gable vents, whirlybirds, dormer vents and electric-powered vents.

The Solar Star ventilator utilizes an advanced 10-watt proprietary photovoltaic solar panel with high-impact resistance against hail, wind and foreign object damage. It also features a proprietary high-performance brushless motor and a five-wing injection molded fan. The Solar Star attic fan continually works to maintain low humidity and temperature levels, keeping the levels within a safe range.

Since better attic ventilation allows for lower heating and cooling costs, the Solar Star attic fan quickly and easily pays for itself. The Solar Star Conversion kit comes with a five-year warranty on the solar panel, motor and fan blade and a 10-year warranty on all other parts.
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