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Federal Signal Corporation introduces the StreamLine® Modular Series, a line of audible/visual devices that spotlights a mix-and-match capability allowing users to create their own customized signaling solutions. Specifically engineered to support multi-function signaling applications, the StreamLine Modular Series accommodates multiple channels and voltages, as well as a full scope of mounting options. Advanced multiple-input technology enables each signaling function to be controlled via an independent input, allowing users various options of audible and visual alarms through a single device. Four different base options – shallow, deep, wall and twin – provide a perfect fit for any 12-24VAC/DC or 120-240VAC application. Easy to install snap-on signals to bases can be mixed and matched to accommodate a multitude of applications. Five sizes of stainless steel protective dome guards are optionally available. The StreamLine

Modular Series features the following models: 

SLM100 multifunctional LED beacon allows three separate light effects – steady, flashing and rotating. 

SLM300 & SLM350 low-profile multifunctional LED beacons permit three light effects – steady, flashing and strobe mode. 

SLM400 & SLM450 multicolor LED status indicator provides a choice of three colors – red, green or amber. Available in opaque or fresnel lens, units can be configured for steady or flash integrated light patterns. 

SLM500 multifunctional LED combination audible/visual signal facilitates three separate levels of alarm; Channel 1 (alert), Channel 2 (pre-alarm), and Channel 3 (alarm). Channel 1 includes a visual signal only; field configurable to steady or flashing mode. Channels 2 and 3 add a unique audible tone to the visual signal, selectable from 64 tones with high acoustic performance with an output of up to 105 dB(A). 

SLM700 multifunctional electronic sounder supports two levels of alarm (pre-alarm and alarm), and offers choice of 64 different tones that are adjustable from 65 dB(A) up to 105 dB(A)


  • mix-and-match capability
  • create your own customized signaling solutions
  • multiple channels and voltages
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