Auto Case Packer Runs High Volumes


XpressPack automatic case packer is designed to handle high volumes of medium to large size cartons in a single-layer, single-row configuration. Unit is perfect for standard 5-panel folded carton, glue-end styles.


Its high-speed capability accommodates up to 8 to 10 cases per cycle. Packer is ideal for the beverage (particularly soda and beer) market, and the packer is also a good choice for cereal and laundry detergent packages as well as foils and plastic wrap and parchment paper.


Add-ons include a carton turning system for reversing glue flap orientation prior to packing, the air-skate lift kit for easily moving the packer off-line, and dual controls.


XpressPack automatic case packer features:

  • simple setup and changeovers
  • accommodates carton sizes from 8 x 8 in. to 24 x 28 in.
  • can be specified with left-side push, right-side push, end-seam push, or a combination of packing modes
  • comes in electric format with servo motors or a hydraulic system
  • customizable to meet individula factory setup preferences
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