Auto-Darkening Helmet


Weldcote Metals Inc., a division of Zika Group, announces the availability of two lines of auto darkening welding helmets: Ultraview and Klearview in both standard and programmable styles. 


The two welding helmet lines both have four arc sensors, a near instant (0.1 to 0.9 second) switching time, a solar cell with battery backup and true color filter optics. Both also feature an industry-leading, three-year warranty. 


Weldcote’s Ultraview helmet line features an improved viewing area of 3.94" x 3.28", a light shade of three for grinding mode and dark shade setting of 5-9 as well as 9-13. The Klearview helmet line offers a 3.94" x 2.36" view area, a light shade of four for grinding mode, and a 9-13 dark shade setting.


Both lines come in a standard model and “Plus” programmable model. The programmable upgrade provides welders with three memory settings, allowing for better customization and personalization. Weldcote also offers replacement headgear, programmable and standard lens cartridges, lithium batteries and interchangeable inside or outside lens covers.


Weldcote Metals was founded by Bill Roland, founding CEO and current president, and John Pandorf, co-founder and CFO, in 2006. Earlier this year, the company announced Zika Group and O’Mera as additional ownership, along with O’Mera being named CEO.

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