Auto-Lock for Delivery Vehicles


The UFO+ Lock for rear and side vehicle doors automatically locks when closed, improving in-rout security compliance and operator convenience. Its sleek, tough, stainless steel lock body is drill resistant, and its shape makes it virtually impossible for tools to get a grip.


Padlocks, puck locks, and similar mechanisms have long been used to secure commercial vehicle doors, but they present a number of problems, particularly in today’s high-volume delivery environment. Once unlocked, removable locks must generally be detached from a hasp or flange, and after a vehicle door is opened, the locks are often left hanging –– or worse, placed on a bumper. Reapplying these “high-touch” locks is time consuming, and if a hand truck must be re-stowed after delivery, even more time can be wasted.


The UFO+ Lock makes primitive padlock-based and other hand-manipulated security systems obsolete. The UFO+ Lock remains in a fixed position and does not rotate, slide or detach. A single, reversible key quickly unlocks the door and can stay with the operator. Once cargo is unloaded, the door can be closed again and automatically locks without the use of the key.


Many fleets have strict procedures that require cargo to be under lock and key while deliveries are being made and during any other time the vehicle is unattended. With many delivery vehicles being opened and closed hundreds of times a day, locking and unlocking time can become a significant impediment to productivity. The UFO+ Lock’s self-locking capability means that delivery staff need only close the vehicle door to safely secure cargo.


The lock makes it easy for delivery professionals to swiftly move in and out of vehicles, unimpeded by the repetitive task of locking, unlocking and handling padlocks and other high-touch locking devices. The self-locking feature on the UFO+ means delivery personnel are in and out in a flash, and with its interior unlocking cable, they can enter to perform prep work in a closed and secure cargo area before exiting.


Every individual UFO+ Lock comes with a set of two high-security,15-pin, multi-combination, reversible dimple keys and certified locksmith duplication certificates. Those purchasing both rear and side door locks receive a set of three matching security keys. 


Fleets often complain that padlocks and other removable locks, particularly those with exposed flanges and hasps, can be too easily defeated with a pipe wrench, bolt cutter, sledgehammer or even a crowbar. The UFO+ Lock’s robust, flush-mounted, cast stainless steel structure and its dome-shaped design provide a challenging and formidable obstacle to any would-be thief.


The ultra-premium UFO+ Lock is as attractive as it is tough, and its low-profile design integrates seamlessly with any vehicle make and model. The device can be used for applications on vans, service bodies and box trucks with side and rear double doors.


A bayonet-mounting system makes installation quick and easy. The UFO+ Lock comes with an assembly kit, a video and an adhesive decal that makes precise placement and alignment simple. The whole installation process takes about an hour.

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