AutoCAD Pocket Reference 67th Ed.


Organized in 13 sections, AutoCAD Pocket Reference, Sixth Edition is an indispensable aid and handy reference. It is perfect for students, teachers, and all on the job AutoCAD users who are on the go and need an occasional reminder on how to use a command.

 AutoCAD Pocket Reference, Sixth Edition is not intended as a substitute for an introductory textbook. To learn AutoCAD quickly and easily, you'll want to obtain IP's Beginning AutoCAD 2014 Exercise Workbook. More experienced users should select Advanced AutoCAD 2014 Exercise Workbook. Both are by the same authors. Also available are Shrock's exercise workbooks for prior versions of AutoCAD.



AutoCAD Pocket Reference, Sixth Edition is the Right Reference for You If …

  • You need help in using the right commands on the job or in the classroom.
  • You need a compact reference that you can take with you anywhere and find what you need quickly and easily.
  • You need a reference that includes all basic AutoCAD commands and concepts.
  • You are using AutoCAD release 2013 or later.


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