AutoLoader Telescopic Conveyor


Part of its Performer Telescopic Conveyor Solutions, the AutoLoader offers fast, automatic 24/7 loading making it easier to meet small windows and short delivery times.


To ease the challenges of the growing e-commerce sector, Caljan AutoLoader increases the throughput of loose cargo by automating the loading process. Parcels and polybags are loaded non-stop into any truck or trailer, removing the bottlenecks to ensure all cargo leaves the warehouse on time.


It fills the trailer by moving from side to side, releasing the cargo with perfect precision to close vacant gaps in the vehicle. The wedge-shaped base gently pushes packages aside to utilize the entire space—resulting in a fill factor of 80%. Items mix smoothly as they fill the space, making it easy to handle all types of cargo in one load. With minimal supervision required, the AutoLoader cuts the cost of each package handled. This even includes padded envelopes and slippery polybags.


During operation, the AutoLoader detects obstacles and moves automatically to avoid collisions. With a release height of approximately 7 in. (177.8 mm), items are carefully placed to prevent package damage. Sensors adjust the position of the conveyor to suit the height of the parcel, making room for packages of all sizes.


An audio or visual signal, indicating when the equipment is in operation, can be fitted to the AutoLoader upon request. The conveyor can also be supplied with a safety light barrier that stops all conveyor movement if you move into its immediate vicinity.

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