Automated 3D Scanner


AutoScan Collaborative RoboGauge combines Fanuc robot technology, the Helix smart scanning sensor, and collaborative robot safety technology to bring automated dimensional measurement, gauging, and 3D scanning to the plant floor.

The RoboGauge Cell includes a rigid machine base for holding both Robot and part fixture with translucent side panels that light up to provide visual color status indication. The RoboGauge perimeter is monitored utilizing integrated Guardmaster SafeZone laser scanners which use the diffused reflection of emitted infrared laser light to create a two-dimensional programmable detection safety field that determines intrusion within the defined programmable safety zone.




  • Programmable safety zone control
  • Warning (Amber) and Protection (Red) modes
  • Reduced robot speed in the warning mode
  • Robot reach restricted to the measurement volume
  • Speed and separation monitoring
  • Safety rated robot stop monitoring
  • Automatic recovery when the safety zone is cleared
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