Automated Chatbots with AI


Duo World, Inc. announced the Beta release of ‘Smoothflow’, its new cloud based solution to manage organizational workflows with Chatbots and other conversational applications using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Smoothflow Automation with AI BOT for the most popular messaging platforms was launched with the objective of creating better humanly conversational flows.  Smoothflow opens a whole new world of features which has never been seen before on an automation world delivered in one complete solution. This will enable users to build conversational BOTs to deliver services with passion. 


Key features of Smoothflow are that it allows users to build Chatbots’ conversation flows which are more meaningful for human interfacing, the ability to build Automations by dragging and dropping activities on a canvas, and the option to connect to 100’s of 3rd party applications using Smoothflow Studio, a designer tool which comes with every subscription plan. Users can now build automations in minutes without the need to write code. The aII and in-built natural language processing simplifies and automates chats, while machine learning connectivity enables automations to be better through learning from past interactions. Today with messaging apps and web apps becoming more innovative, powerful, and essential for customers, businesses, and teams across every industry and vertical, Smoothflow was developed to help organizations to be able to stay ahead and embrace new functionalities. 


Smoothflow also provides extended features for users to run their automation within their own environment that may be hosted on cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or on any machine which may be a Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat or even on a Raspberry PI.


Opportunities for Smoothflow are immense, and its Automation and Integration as a service will enable Smoothflow to cater to the Global Integrations Platform as a service market, which is expected to reach USD 1.3 Trillion by 2025 as per industry reports produced by

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