Automated Garment Storage/Retrieval System


An innovative automated storage & retrieval system, the GOH Hive is powered by smart robots that read unique SKUs and then determine how each garment should be handled. The system is built on multiple levels and robots use elevators to access the rows of garments stored in ship-ready condition. Because the system can handle single SKUs, it is the ideal solution for e-commerce orders. The automated system makes use of all available storage space and can operate with as little as one human operator.


Quick and efficient, the hive provides operators with a more detailed overview of stock inventory and management. Depending on how many robots are added to the system and the configuration, an unlimited number of items can be processed per hour using the GOH Hive. Robots work all day and night to store garments and prepare items for shipping.


GOH Hive is a modular system that can be adapted to suit your unique floorplan. The system makes use of your entire storage space—floor to ceiling—so you can store garments more efficiently and scale the solution according to the evolving needs of your business. Unlike manual storage solutions, the GOH Hive does not require an expensive mezzanine; it's built on simple static supports, so it requires very little maintenance.


The GOH Hive will be launched in July 2021.


  • The only AS/RS capable of storing and retrieving unique SKUs of garments on hangers (GOH)
  • Maximizes your cubic storage capacity by using overhead space
  • Fully automated system that provides a quick return on investment (ROI)
  • Minimal operator intervention required, as little as one operator per shift
  • Time-saving solution that improves the efficiency of your operations
  • Handles garments with accuracy and precision
  • Reduces the possibility of human error
  • Facilitates order assembly
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