Automated Laser Wire Stripper


Artos Engineering has introduced the CrL.22, the first fully automated laser wire stripper. Designed for applications in the military, medical and aerospace industries in which precise tolerances are critical, the CrL.22 handles ultra-thin insulation on wire as thin as 30-gauge with ease.

The CrL.22 features a fully programmable, full circumference rotary laser controlling the number of rotations or stripping duration and the depth of cut. The new machine is designed for sensitive applications, and has no blades to touch or nick the conductor, preserving conductivity and eliminating the possibility of strand loss or wire fatigue. Infinitely durable and delivering a 100% clean strip, the CrL.22 leaves no insulation left behind in the crimp to jeopardize connectivity.

The CrL.22’s laser unit, which is fully integrated into Artos Engineering’s stable, dependable software, makes the cut and the twister either fully or partially removes the slug.

Manufactured in the U.S., the CrL.22 is part of the Cr.22 Series, a breakthrough in affordable automatic crimping and ideal for handling high and low volume runs and a wide range of wire types. The digital, programmable servo-drive termination units minimize crimping cycle times, while the quick-change cart system accommodates both side and end feed terminals allowing for fast pre-loading of terminal feeds to maximize machine uptime.


  • Durability: Infinite
  • Strip: 100%
  • Industries: Military, medical, aerospace
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