Automated Length Measuring System


Scotchman® Industries is excited to introduce the NEW Scotchman SawGear (SG) to their growing line of Advanced Feed & Stop Systems.  This New SawGear (SG) is a portable, precise and rugged automated length measuring system that streamlines the fabrication process.  SG is rugged and versatile and was developed to increase productivity, accuracy, and your bottom line.  According to the JLC Review, “SawGear kicks error out of the equation and could end up paying for itself, in time and material saved.”  Complete your work 30% faster and smarter instead of waiting for cut pieces or fixing mis-cut work.

Saw Gear is easy to use, sets up in minutes, and creates accurate cuts every time!  Simply attach the Scotchman SG to ANY type of equipment, enter the required dimension, slap the material against the rugged stop and cut the part.  This product solves the problem of wasted time and inaccuracies caused by measuring and marking multiple times for every cut.  The SG is a go-to stop only and is available in 8’ & 12’ packages.  These packages include: SawGear, conveyor and mounting bracket.


  • streamlines the fabrication process
  • sets up in minutes
  • creates accurate cuts every time
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