Automated, Monochrome 3D Printer


Z Corporation today unveiled the world’s first automated, monochrome 3D printer and the company’s most affordable automated 3D printer to date, making advanced rapid prototyping technology more accessible to mainstream engineers and architects. Like other Z Corporation 3D printers, the ZPrinter® 350 converts 3D data into physical models much as desktop printers convert word-processing files into physical documents. 
Unlike other monochrome 3D printers, the ZPrinter 350 delivers high-end functionality such as:
·        automatic material loading
·        snap-in binder cartridges
·        integrated recycling of unused build material
·        self-monitoring operation
·        control from both the desktop and printer
·        0.8 in/hour (20 mm/hour) vertical build speed
·        8 x 10 x 8 in (203 x 254 x 203 mm) build size
·        300 x 450 dpi resolution
·        office-safe build materials, aggressive dust-control, and zero liquid waste
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