Automated Post-Processing System


The PostPro3D hardware system is an automated post-processing solution that can achieve a surface quality equal to or better than injection molding on parts printed using laser sintering, HP Multi Jet Fusion, high-speed sintering, or fused deposition modeling technology. It achieves such surface quality through a series of pre-defined parameter sets and algorithms.


The PostPro3DColor is the only commercially available post-processing equipment that can smooth and color 3D printed parts in a single step without using water and without disposable waste streams.


The PostPro3DMini offers all the advantages of the PostPro3D® machine, but in a more compact unit for smaller production runs, STEM programs, and design studios.


All of the PostPro3D systems reduce lead-times and overall cost of manufacture, and by so doing provide the “missing link” in the digital manufacturing chain for an array of AM applications. It is an automated turnkey solution that can be easily integrated into the digital workflow and eliminates the extensive and expensive manual post-processing steps required for many 3D printed parts.


Parts processed in the PostPro3d machine exhibit no more than 0.4% dimensional change irrespective of desired surface finish, which ensures retention of fine details and the achievement of tight tolerance requirements. Typical process time for the PostPro3D is 90 to 120 minutes, and parts are ready to use when removed from the machine, requiring no further post-processing steps.

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