Automated Robotic Unloader


The robotic unloader uses artificial intelligence to operate fully autonomously inside of a trailer, which significantly reduces the manual effort required to operate receiving docks for retail merchandise and parcel distribution centers. This Honeywell Intelligrated smart robotics offering will help customers improve workplace safety, reduce staffing challenges and minimize damage to packages.


The unloader drives into a trailer or container and uses machine vision to identify various package shapes and sizes as well as the optimal approach to unloading. A robotic arm with a series of small suction cups conforms to the package shape to gently extract it from the stack. A conveyor below the arm can serve as a sweeper for packages to move them out of the trailer.


Unlike other unloading solutions, the Honeywell Intelligrated unloader is fully autonomous and is designed to work within existing fleets to eliminate the need for costly configurations or modifications to trailers or standard shipping containers. The unloader features patented gentle mechanisms to minimize package damage without impacting performance.



  • Fully autonomous operation doesn’t require operator to remain on standby or direct the machine
  • Advanced machine learning allows the robot to work faster, handle products with greater care, and increase its own performance over time
  • Easy to integrate with your existing shipping infrastructure
  • Perception and decision-making improvements can be learned from or shared with other robots 
  • Multiply individual labor productivity with operators supervising multiple machines for consistently high throughput all shift long
  • Maximizes equipment utilization by traversing between dock doors 
  • Improves efficiency of other DC processes by discharging products in semi-singulated flow
  • Minimizes jams with a robust operating algorithm, integrated unscrambler and dynamic side guides 
  • Automated exception detection alerts operators to unexpected pallets, overweight items and other scenarios outside machine handling capability
  • Prevents problems before they occur — even between multiple sites — with sophisticated reporting, diagnostics, and alerts
  • No advanced engineering skillsets required for supervising, operation and troubleshooting
  • Optional built-in connectivity for rapid remote support by Honeywell Robotics service personnel
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