Automated Scratch Tester


An automatic scratch-test system for characterizing hard material layers, the FISCHERSCOPE ST200 is a progressive load scratch tester for analyzing the adhesion and cohesion strength of coatings according to ASTM C1624, ISO 20502, and DIN EN 1071-3. Easily check the adhesion and cohesive strength of layers ≥1 μm thick. The instrument is ideal for use in development, quality assurance, incoming goods control, and production monitoring.




Measuring Head

Normal Load Range:

1 to 200 N

Load Resolution:

6 mN

Minimum Contact Load:

0.5 N

Friction Measurement Module

Maximum Load:

200 N


6 mN

Acoustic Emission Sensor

Resonance Frequency:

100 kHz ±20 %
Maximum amplification 1,000,000 x

Dynamic Range:

73 dB ± 3 dB

Microscope-/ Camera Magnification


5x, 20x

Video picture (Field of Vision):

2688 x 2150 µm, 672 x 538 µm


Color 1280 x 1024 pixels

Light Source:



Sample Stage


Programmable XY-stage,
motorized z-axis

Stage Dimensions:

100 x 100 mm

Repeatability Precision X/Y:

≤ 1 µm

Stage Speed (Scratch Speed):

0.4 - 600 mm/min

Maximum Travel:

45 x 190 mm

Maximum Specimen Height:

100 mm


External Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth):

630 x 650 x 610 mm


100 kg

Environmental Conditions

Operating Temperature:

Climatic chamber class 3: 15 to 40°C / 59 to 104°F

Storage/Transport Temperature:

Climatic chamber class 2: -20 to 55°C / -4 to 131°F

Admissible Air Humidity:

≤ 80 %, non-condensing


  • Various measurement modes: constant load, progressive load, incremental load
  • Three analyzing methods: optical microscopy, friction force measurement and acoustic emission measurement
  • Motor driven XY-stage and Z-axis
  • Measurements on curved surfaces with motion feed-back control
  • Automatic image scan of the whole scratch
  • Diamond indenters of various geometries
  • Optical filters for contrast improvement
  • Integrated electronics, no external control unit necessary
  • Two microscope objectives, optional: four additional objectives
  • Data and image capturing over the whole scratch length
  • Easy creation of test reports
  • Optional: customized sample holders
  • Item No. PA-F605812
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