Automated Tow Tractor


Towing up to 15,000 lb., the Raymond Courier 3220 Automated Tow Tractor combines vision-guided technology with a heavy-duty towing capacity.


This model comes with a low clearance arch as a standard design, making it easy to maneuver through areas with low overhanging structures. With increased towing and ramp grade capacity, this automated guided vehicle offers superior productivity for indoor towing applications.


With the addition of the iWAREHOUSE fleet management and warehouse optimization system, customers gain even greater visibility into their automated and manual mixed fleets. iWAREHOUSE provides a robust enterprise-wide view of an operation, tracking, and reporting equipment and assets across multiple facilities and regions.


The Courier 3220 joins a fleet of three additional Courier AGVs. Raymond automated guided vehicles are sold, supported, and serviced by The Raymond Corporation and its entire network of more than 100 authorized Solutions and Support Centers, which offer customers local support and service and complete intralogistics solutions.


  • Quick Commissioning: Raymond Courier trucks require no infrastructure changes or business interruption to setup. Trucks can be operational from day one.
  • Superior Flexibility: Vision-guided technology allows for easy implementation as routes can easily be programmed and reprogrammed quickly and as needed. 
  • Exceptional Scalability: Routes can be quickly transferred between trucks. Trucks can be quickly added or redeployed to different facilities, locations, shifts or applications. 
  • Ease of Use: An intuitive operator interface that allows for quick, easy route teaching and truck dispatching. 
  • Reliability: Raymond Courier trucks help with labor shortages and fluctuations by automating repetitive, low-value tasks. 
  • Sales and Support: From initial consultation to custom-designed solutions to long-term product and operational support—and with a network of more than 100 Solutions and Support Centers—Raymond takes the time to understand your application, throughput and labor burden requirements to ensure the Courier truck is the right fit for your application. Raymond provides unmatched, world-class support tailored to meet your needs, help you drive down costs and run your business better and smarter, every step of the way.
  • Battery:24V
  • Capacity:15,000 lb. (680 kg)
  • Max Ramp Incline:11% at 7,500 lb.(3 mt)
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