Automatic Bar Loading Magazine


Breuning IRCO’s  ecoPROFI delivers automatic, multi-size barfeeding in an economical, small-footprint package ideally suited for job shops and others looking to increase flexibility, productivity and efficiency. Capable of handling barstocks from 0.2 in to 2 in (5 mm to 50 mm), the unique multi-channel, “Gatlin-Gun” style magazine allows one-button channel changes in seconds for small-batch flexibility. A three-channel magazine is standard, and is easily expandable to a six-channel magazine. The ecoPROFI is available in standard lengths of 10, 13 and 20 ft. (3000, 4000 and 6000 mm), with custom models available for bars up to 33 ft. (10,000 mm) long and 5.1-in (130 mm) diameter barstock.  It will be on display at IMTS 2014 in Lexair’s booth (W-1322).

The ecoPROFI is compatible with all standard and Swiss-style lathes, as well as machining centers and rotary transfer machines. A specially designed loading flap allows for reloading of bars without machine stop.           

Hydrodynamic bar guiding circulates oil through the guide channel continuously to produce a damping effect and stabilize the bar in the channel for optimum concentricity and reduced load on the machine spindle. Hydrodynamic damping bridges diameter increments and ensures low-friction, nearly vibration-free guiding of the bars.


  • capable of handling barstocks from 0.2 in to 2 in
  • one-button channel changes

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