Automatic Grease Lubrication System


Marland Clutch recently introduced an automatic grease lubrication system designed to eliminate the need to manually grease the labyrinth seals of popular Marland BCMA backstops.


In many instances, Marland BCMA backstops are located in difficult to reach areas making regular grease maintenance very difficult. By installing the automatic lubrication system, regular grease maintenance is performed, but no longer requires maintenance personnel to be directly involved in this critical daily process. In fact, the large grease capacity of the system allows for 6 or more months between refills.


The automatic system is designed to provide regularly scheduled injections of the proper volume of grease into the labyrinth seal to maintain a fresh grease barrier that protects the oil seals from outside contaminants and extends seal life. This automated process provides the highest level of protection against external contaminants assuring years of service life.


The automatic grease lubrication system can be linked to Marland’s new Smart Marland condition monitoring system for an additional layer of protection.

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