Automatic Pallet Dispensers/Stackers


Schneider Packaging Equipment Company introduces the next generation of Automatic Pallet Dispensers/Stackers. The new model replaces the hydraulic drive system with heavy-duty electronically powered mechanical components.  In addition to eliminating the potential for oil spills or leaks, the units are energy efficient.Schneider’s continuous performance automatic pallet dispenser/stackers are built for demanding palletizing environments and store up to 15 wood or plastic pallets (expandable to 20). 

Also available with drag chain and roller conveyor sections, the system can be configured to the optimal plant layout. Pallets can be transferred from either side or rear of the machine.  Pallets can also transfer to either floor or conveyor level. The low-level detection feature automatically alerts when pallets are low.  The touch screen HMI has a multi-lingual option.  

The Automatic Pallet Dispenser/Stacker can be purchased as a stand-alone unit or integrated as part of a complete Schneider end of line system. 


  • electronically powered mechanical components
  • store up to 15 wood or plastic pallets
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