Automatic Robot Welding Solution


PEMA VRWP-C is a robot solution for micro panel welding. Equipped with PEMA WeldControl 200 Vision, the solution processes welding paths automatically.


PEMA modular solutions for efficient micro panel production are mechanized and robotized systems designed to build up panels, side wings, frames, webs, bulkheads, etc. Micro panel lines with partly or fully automated unique assembly devices, effective welding robots, and high-end panel transportation system provide huge savings to production, man-hours, and increases the output of micro panel production.



  • Robotized welding solution for shipbuilding
  • Easy and fast method to program robots
  • Based on 3D software
  • All operations available on shop floor
  • Only one operator
  • Realistic weld models


Thanks to its compact construction, the smart welding solution is fast to install and can be commissioned on site.



PEMA Micro Panel Fabrication:

  • Panel butt welding
  • Integrated milling & welding station
  • Semiautomatic profile assembly and tack welding
  • Profile double fillet welding
  • Robotized fillet welding
    • robotized double fillet welding
    • advanced material handling


PEMA VRWP-C benefits:

  • No CAD-file needed
  • Operator able to see the robot working nearby
  • Step in/out from the working platform
  • High productivity
  • Short start-up time
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