Automatic Scrubber


Advance introduces the SC450, a battery-operated automatic scrubber designed for daily scrubbing demands. With dependable performance, high productivity and low maintenance, the SC450 provides a cost-efficient solution for contract cleaning in applications ranging from hospitals and schools to manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Designed with the operator in mind, this contract-grade machine features simple and intuitive controls to ensure easy training. 

A unique two-button control panel allows users to quickly switch between scrub and vacuum functions, while the vacuum motor, brushes and water automatically shut off when the tank is full or when the machine is in neutral.   “With flexible cleaning performance, the SC450 accommodates both small and large daily jobs,” said Brian Dodd, Product Manager, Nilfisk-Advance. “Employing one machine, that is both dependable and highly productive, allows contractors to clean more with less—which not only simplifies cleaning operations but also maximizes their bottom line.”   

The SC450 provides the following benefits:   

  • Effortless operation with simple, intuitive controls. 
  • Easy maintenance enables operators to quickly access all machine components. 
  • Meets sustainable cleaning objectives, providing 68 dB A for daytime cleaning, minimal water and detergent use and maintenance-free AGM batteries. 


  • two-button control panel
  • maintenance-free AGM batteries
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