Automatic Stainless Steel Case Sealer for up to 28 Cases/Minute - 3M


St. Paul, Minn. – May 18, 2006 – The new 3M-Matic™ Automatic Adjustable Stainless Steel Case Sealer 800af-s provides durability and productivity for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other packaging operations in high-moisture and corrosive environments. With 99% stainless steel construction and other engineering details, the rugged unit conforms to NEMA standard 250 type 4x specifications for watertight enclosures.

Fully automatic operation seals a wide range of RSC sizes tightly and consistently with minimal operator training. For productivity, flaps are folded and sealed at up to 28 cases/minute. To keep the line running smoothly, a box gate or indexer separates cases from a flooded infeed conveyor.

Height and width adjust easily for cases as small as 4.75" high by 4.75" wide and as large as 24.5" high by 21.5" wide. The sturdy construction and twin motor side drives handle case weights from 5-85 lbs. 3M™ AccuGlide™ Stainless Steel Taping Head applies a full range of Scotch® Box Sealing Tapes in 36 mm to 48 mm widths.

Since 1941 when 3M made its first packaging product – pressure sensitive tapes to seal K-rations for the U. S. Army – 3M has been a leader in packaging. From those now famous Scotch® Tapes, to high-speed 3M-Matic packaging machinery, to integrated packaging management solutions and security assurance products, 3M is an established leader in the industry. As an $18 billion, diversified technology company, 3M holds a unique position as both a top supplier and as a major user of packaging technology. 3M knows packaging with expertise in issues affecting diverse industries – food and beverage, life sciences consumer packaged goods, electronics and semiconductor, aerospace, communications, computer equipment, and many others. 3M's expertise in packaging can add value to virtually any company’s operations and serve needs such as packaging automation, product protection, identification and brand building, security, and cost management.

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