Automatic Three-Position Lens Changer for CNCs


The Automatic Three-Position Lens Changer, available on c-vision Lite Video Contour Projectors, is a CNC lens turret that allows for nine automatic, programmable magnification changes—3 optical and 6 digital—within a CNC program. The system is both parfocal and parcentral meaning parts on the stage stay in focus and stay centered when magnification and focal length is changed. Three internal lenses offer 2, 1, and half-inch fields of view—permanently mounted in a shop-hardened motorized turret.


c-vision Lite systems are a part of the c-vision family of Video Contour Projectors from OGP—the value-class c-vision Lite, the capable c-vision Benchtop, and the heavy-duty c-vision Floor Model. c-vision systems combine the speed and accuracy of a video measurement system with the rugged capability of an optical comparator, to create the world’s best shop-floor measuring tools for 2D measurement.

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