Automatic Tool Changer for Dual-Drive Press Brakes


MC Machinery Systems introduces its new high-capacity automatic tool changer (ATC) for its BH series of dual-drive press brakes. The ATC is designed to increase production levels and utilization rates while reducing setup time, especially in high-mix, low-volume environments.


The ATC allows for fully automated tool setup and removal, freeing up the operator to perform other tasks. Its available 107.3 x 170.6 ft storage capacity allows for the greatest tooling variation on the market ranging from high-runner V-dies to specialized hemming or offset tools. Up to 2-in. V-die openings and 19.7-in. lengths can be placed with the single, large-capacity tool manipulator with the added functionality of pick and place for small tool sections for setups that do not require the full setup to be removed. The manipulator is also equipped with a tool & bed cleaner that runs automatically during tool changes.


The ATC is engineered for operators of all experience levels. Programs can be created offline using DiamondBend software, at the control, or imported from other MOS controlled press brakes. Further support for operators is available with MC Machinery’s VIDERE operator support system for real-time bending information, sequences, and automatic tool changes.


Machines equipped with the ATC are not limited to the tools in the changer’s storage. The machine can be used as a stand-alone press brake or automated system, allowing for the flexibility for one-off jobs.

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