Automatic Valve Protection


The RotaSafe valve rotor protection system from process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA, Somerset, NJ (, automatically detects contact between the rotor and housing and instantly shuts down power to the drive motor to prevent any metal to metal contact from contaminating the product and/or from damaging the valve components. Monitoring valve performance in 24/7 operation, the proprietary RotaSafe system is proven to respond instantly to contact due to product buildup, bearing failure, excessive load on the rotor, and to other maintenance issues common to processing powders before particulates can cause a significant problem.

Developed to safeguard food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic and other materials where purity is paramount, the RotaSafe rotor contact monitoring system is included as standard equipment on the company's Rotaval line of rotary valves. The line of rotary valves comprises the food-grade Hygienic Series valves, the versatile Heavy-Duty Series, the Extra Heavy-Duty Series for highly abrasive and extreme situations, and custom valves for unique applications. The RotaSafe valve protection system may be retrofit onto existing Gericke RotaVal valves in the field.

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