'Automotive Ready' Inductor


With their high temperature rating and AECQ200 certification, the HA78D series of coupled inductors for use in DC/DC converter applications are ‘automotive ready’ for the latest generation of motor vehicles.


TT Electronics’ HA78D series comprises of four inductors; the HA78D-L128100MLFTR, HA78D-L128220MLFTR, HA78D-L128330MLFTR and HA78D-L128470MLFTR. When parallel connected, their inductance ratings at 100 kHz are 10, 22, 33, and 47 micro Henries consecutively.


The HA78D series shielded SMD inductors have been designed for use in DC/DC converter configurations including flyback, multi-output buck, SEPIC, and Zeta applications. With their high leakage inductance they are ideal for SEPIC applications where the loosely coupled winding improves the SEPIC efficiency by reducing circulating current and provides twice the ripple current reduction compared to separate inductors.


The inductors offer high efficiency and excellent current handling in a rugged housing and with their low losses ferrite cores, they are ideal for high frequency DC/DC converter and VRM/VRD applications.  Particularly, their wide -50 to 155° C operating temperature range and AECQ200 certification make them ideal for high stress environments.


Exhibiting versatility, the RoHS compliant inductors can also be used as two single inductors connected in series or parallel, or as a common mode choke as a filter inductor for EMI noise reduction.


In the automotive market, the inductors are suitable for applications including lighting, hybrid car, start and stop vehicle, and electrical power steering.  Other applications include industrial, telecom, VRM, and PoL.



  • Loosely coupled winding (K = 0.8)
  • Operating Temperature -40° to 155° C
  • AECQ-200 Automotive Certification



  • Improve SEPIC efficiency
  • The coupled winding factor can be customized
  • Low losses at high frequency application, less temperature rise
  • High operating temperature allows for higher ambient or higher temperature rise in circuit design small size for a PCB
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