AutoPump AP4 Ultra Xtreme Pump


The AutoPump AP4 Ultra Xtreme pump is for the most extreme landfill and remediation pumping applications. The exclusive self-cleaning vortex action and proprietary surface finish on internal components dramatically improves performance and extends service life, allowing pumps to operate up to 10 times longer than the AP4 Ultra pump between cleanings.


This pump utilizes the same unique, non-stick coating and polished metal internal components as the QED AP4 Ultra and Ultra High Temperature pumps with their exclusive AutoPump Xtreme self-cleaning action. The combination of the AP4 Ultra coating and the continuous internal scouring of the vortex action also means a reduction of over 50% of time spent cleaning the pump internal components.


The AutoPump AP4 Ultra Xtreme pump is available as a Short, Bottom Loading pump in either a standard AP4 Ultra or AP4 Ultra High Temperature pump.


  • Available as Short, Bottom Loading AP4 Ultra or AP4 Ultra High Temperature models
  • Exclusive auger and non-stick internal components create a self-cleaning action
  • Proprietary finishes reduce buildup and extend the time between cleaning
  • Unique construction reduces wear on moving parts, resists clogging by solids, pumps longer without needing cleaning
  • Available in standard and high temperature operating temperatures
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