Avtron Industrial Automation Launches AV850 Modular Magnetic Encoder


Avtron Industrial Automation, Inc., (www.avtronautomation.com), a privately held manufacturer of industrial motor speed control equipment, has revitalized the magnetic encoder market with a series of new products, now including the AV850. Avtron is recognized worldwide as the market leader in heavy duty industrial encoders, used to provide precise speed control in paper and steel mills, wind turbine generators, oil and gas drilling, and other severe environment applications.

The AV850 heavy duty encoder is designed to fit on DC and AC motors with 8.5” auxiliary C-faces, such as ABB, GE CD frames, Marathon Blue Max, Mitsubishi, Reliance RPM AC & DC, Yaskawa, and others.

The AV850’s biggest innovation is the sensor-to-rotor gap. Older modular encoders were prone to sensor damage from the spinning rotor from the slightest shaft, motor, or installation imperfections, especially at higher resolutions. The AV850 offers resolutions up to 4096 PPR with an air gap over 4X larger, to eliminate scraped sensors permanently!

The AV850 is designed to eliminate each source of encoder failure. The magnetic sensors are fully sealed, operate from -40ºC to +100ºC, and ignore dirt, dust, water, oil and condensation. The rotor is wider, to permit twice as much axial shaft movement & installation tolerance. The high-power outputs are fully protected against short circuits and mis-wiring.

The AV850 features full diagnostics. The red/green diagnostic LED and alarm output in each removable sensor informs the operator that the encoder is powered, fully operational with the rotor and sensors in the correct location, and making high quality signals. If for any reason, the signals are less than ideal, the AV850 warns the operator, and keeps operating as long as possible to permit a controlled shutdown.

The AV850 is fully electrically pin-for-pin and physically compatible with many older modular encoders, including RIM8500™, M193B, M285, and GE AN-DG.

Pricing is competitive and OEM volume discounts are available. Avtron offers this product through its worldwide distribution network.

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