AZ60-A Motorized Vertical Conveyor Stage


 AZ60-A Motorized Vertical Elevator Stage from Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) is a low profile, compact 183.7 mm x 80 mm x 38 mm ~ 42mm, low cost, high resolution, wedge type, vertical elevator stage for applications requiring precise vertical positioning has a vertical travel of 4 mm (0. 157 In.).  


Six crossed roller guides and a precision ground 8 mm dia. 250 µm/turn lead ball screw provide:

  • smooth, straight (straightness to <5 µm)
  •  vertical motionparallelism (<20 µm to the mounting surface)
  • and high resolutions to 1.25 µm (full step), 0.625 µm (1/2 step), and 0.125 µm (1/10 micro step)
  • repeatability to +/- 0.5 µm
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